"Discovery is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what no one else has thought." -Albert Szent-Györgyi

Equitek is an international technology-focused Venture Capital group comprised of four investment principals with extensive experience in both finance and technology, backed by a network of advisors and industry alliances. The team holds degrees from MIT, Stanford, Chicago, Penn State, and Berkeley, and prior experience at JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Gemini Consulting, Cypress Semiconductor, IBM, and the Gilder Technology Group.

The Equitek team has refined a research approach and investment strategy incorporating internal sector-based research to identify promising technologies, assess which entrepreneurs and companies are developing the most disruptive innovations in those areas, evaluate which of these companies have the greatest financial prospects, and establish strategic relationships with them whereby Equitek leverages its extensive industry networks to support the investment process. By developing these relationships with targeted companies via the CEO and CTO often before they require funding rather than the CFO during fundraising, Equitek positions itself as a key value-added element to their business, helping with both their technology strategy development and global business development. Following initial investments, Equitek's extensive knowledge and contacts in Asia, Europe and North America lead directly to finding customers, suppliers, distributors, and alliance partners for their portfolio companies accelerating business success and advancing prospects for the highest financial returns.

The team not only brings a depth of expertise to review deals from a technical and commercial perspective, but also a significant professional network from which to identify the next wave of 'disruptive innovators'. In addition to the founders, a team of technical advisors has been assembled to assist in due diligence and deal flow origination, including the former Head of Microelectronics at Qualcomm, a 12-year veteran of Bell Labs, and experts in optical networking, wireless, power, and flat panel displays.

The firm is backed by two international brokerage firms, Tradition Financial Services (www.tfsbrokers.com, www.tradition.ch) and Viel & Cie (www.viel.com). Both TFS and Viel are publicly traded and leaders in their respective brokerage sectors. They are providing capital to fund operating expenses as well as providing office space and administrative support, leveraging contacts and presence in 18 locations globally.


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